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To be market leaders of digital steam cleaning technology – connecting vehicle owners with sustainable eco-friendly ways the market has to offer. We want to bring a unique experience & satisfaction to our valued client’s thereby delivering sustainable valeting solutions whilst preserving our global environment.

Why vehicle wash is important

  • 1. your car will look better when clean
  • 2. more resale & trade value
  • 3. you will feel better driving a clean & well-maintained vehicle
  • 4. keeping your car washed is a low-cost way of to protect value and maintain appearance
  • 5. contaminants such as dirt, pollen, tree sap, air pollutants & dead bugs can all damage the great looking finish & paint on your vehicle

What makes us stand out!


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Advance high-tech

Our machines steam cleaning temperatures reach 180 degrees Celsius with adjustable humidity released under pressure giving 8 to 10 atmospheres which has the ability to give deep clean and sterilisation to all surfaces. Our technology comes with an ozone generator that pumps 300 mg/hr which helps to kill bacteria, viruses, bad Adour and purifies the air in the process


Steam car wash is a sustainable move towards protecting the environment. A medium size passenger car will require as little as 1 litre of high-pressure steam cleaning water which is a thousand time less water than conventional washes. Also, high pressure steam washers are eco-friendly requiring no abrasive detergents that could affect delicate surface & pollute the environment.

Door 2 Door Services

The car wash industry is evolving from the traditional way of cleaning cars with lots of chemicals and wasting water to an eco-friendly way still providing excellent work ethics. This has enabled us to bring the full car wash service to our valued client’s door-step offering a fast, convenient and reliable service. Let us clean your car whist you enjoy the comfort of your home and / work

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